What happens at the first visit?

The initial consultation usually lasts between 30-45mins. During this consultation the veterinary surgeon will take a detailed history from you regarding your pets condition, previous health issues and any current medications. The veterinary surgeon will also carry out a full assessment and be able to discuss with you relevant treatment options and costs.

When will Surgery be performed?

Once the veterinary surgeon has discussed the surgical options and costs involved a date will be set for the surgery to take place. Depending on the urgency of the case your pet may be admitted on the day of the consultation for their procedure.

How much will it cost?

Specialist operations will cost more due to the training and expertise our veterinary surgeons have. The surgical techniques are complex and require a specialist to be able to perform them under the highest standard of care. An estimate of cost will be given at the time of your initial consultation and as each case is assessed on the individuals need.

Can you claim the cost direct from my insurer?

If your pet is insured you can claim the costs back from your pets insurance company. There are a number of ways to do this; either by paying for the treatment yourself at the time of the surgery and then claiming back the fee’s or by leaving a signed claims form with us and allowing us to claim the fees direct with your insurer. To allow a direct claim we require you to complete a form providing us with the details of your pets policy. A copy of the certificate of insurance is also required. Please check your pets insurance policy is in date and if you are unsure whether a procedure is covered you can send in a pre-authorisation claim.

Will follow up visits be required?

Yes. We ask for you to make a follow up visit with your own vet 2-3 days after the surgery to ensure your pet has recovered fully from the anaesthetic and to check the wounds.

You will be required to return your pet to Dogwood Vets 2 weeks after the operation so we can assess how they are doing. Subsequent visits may be required depending upon what procedure your pet has had.

How long will my pet be there?

The majority of cases will stay with us overnight to rest and provide pain relief post-surgery. Usually your pet will go home the day after the operation.