As part of our advanced diagnostic facilities, we have a computerised tomography (CT) scanner.

A CT scan is a 2D image of a slice or a section of a 3D object. It’s often likened to looking at a slice of bread as a sample of the entire loaf.

We use our CT scanner to analyse otherwise inaccessible parts of your pet’s body, such as their lungs, their sinuses, their ears, their abdomen, and certain orthopaedic structures. With this information we can make a more informed diagnosis, which results in more effective treatment.

What to Expect From a CT Scan

CT scans are non-invasive, so your pets will experience no pain or discomfort. Our advanced 16-slice scanner is able to carry out CT scans in as little as 15 seconds. This means that, in some cases, your pets can be scanned whilst mildly sedated, with no anaesthetic necessary.

However, pets may also require a general anaesthetic, so as to ensure that they remain completely still throughout the scan. Your pet will receive a thorough clinical examination before being sedated or anaesthetised. We use the safest techniques, medications and equipment and will always recommend the most appropriate options for your pet. Older animals, and those who have health issues, may require additional support such as intra-venous fluids or blood tests.

When Might We Use Our CT Scanner?

Our CT scanner constructs a 3D image of the scanned area. This proves extremely valuable in assessing and diagnosing the following:

  • Musculo-skeletal problems – including fractures, joint problems, and growth deformities
  • Oncology – including metastatic screening, primary tumour identification, and presurgical tumour assessment
  • Head – including nasal diseases, middle and inner ear diseases, trauma, Periocular diseases, and brain tumours
  • Abdomen – Including vascular anomalies, haemorrhages, organ contusions, and problems with the splenic, pancreatic, adrenal, live, and urogenital systems
  • Thorax – including lymph nodes, pulmonary and pleural diseases, complex rib fractures, and mediastinal diseases

After assessing the results of the CT scan, our specialist will discuss and recommend treatment options.

CT Scan Referrals

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